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Key Features

Providing its residents the best of facilities has always been the primary aim of the park view city Lahore. If it were called a top-notch housing society, it would not be wrong. Always striving for development and success and being in the prime location is just the cherry on top.

Commercial Area

4,5,8,10 Marla Commercial Lands

Residential Lands

5,10 marla, & 1 Kanal residential lands ideal for luxury living


Turkish architect Grand Mosques, Family Parks and state-of-the-art Schools in every block.

Shopping Malls, Cinemas, Sports Complex

AA dedicated Shopping Mall, Cinema, Food Courts, Children’s play Area, Restaurants, & tracks.

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Featured Property For Sale

The society is classified into different kinds of Blocks offering a range of residential and commercial property for sale.

1125 sqft
1125 sqft
1125 sqft
1125 sqft
1125 sqft
1125 sqft

For Booking Call/Whatsapp: 03424032746 or 03075701117.

Park View City Lahore

GLAMOROUS, this is what comes to mind when we hear about Lahore. The city is famous for Qawwali music and the variety of luscious and mouth-watering foods.  Lahore, the heart of Pakistan, contributes significantly to the tourist industry by attracting foreigners or locals with its captivating beauty.  Whether the aesthetic vintage beauty displaying our ancestors’ beautiful and brave history or the modern architecture epitome of creativity and talent are all worth every penny.  The hype is real!

With the abundance of opportunities for educational and job purposes, Lahore has become a priority for the people here in Pakistan. The majority of people are moving to Lahore for a better lifestyle and enjoying the necessities of life in a better way. People want to give their children a more considerable lifestyle, and Lahore is the complete package. Here comes the part of housing schemes. There has been the development of numerous housing schemes because of the increase in population for obvious reasons. The city has snowballed, and so have the housing societies. 

More than 250 LDA-approved housing societies constitute distinguishing features, but the PARK VIEW CITY LAHORE comes. The all-in-one package aka park view city Lahore.  This all-in-one-package housing society is the perfect display of modern architecture that comprises every necessity and amenity of life from minor to primary.

Park view city Lahore has been designed on a very prominent and promising map that too very explicitly. The PVC Lahore has been brought by a vision group that made it a priority to cover all the amenities of life and ensure that its residents don’t have to face any minor or significant inconvenience.

People have put trust in park view city Lahore enormously, and now the vision group is obliged to serve their residents in the best possible way, and they have done this remarkably so far!


This prestigious park view housing society in Lahore is brought to you by the vision group. The CEO of the vision group is MR Aleem Khan, who is a famous real estate business tycoon. Mr. Aleem Khan is also a member of Pakistan’s tehreek-e-insaf. In the general election of 2018, he was elected Punjab’s legislature as an MPA and currently holds significant ministerial portfolios working for the current government PTI.

 Mr. Aleem Khan is also a philanthropist, providing his great traits to help humanity. He introduced many successful real estate projects that proved beneficial to society. Park view city Lahore was established back in 2007 then, and it was known as park view villas in Lahore. From then, park view city evolved remarkably in every aspect, from wide roads to beautiful infrastructure. Taking under observation the success of park view villas, the defense housing authority decided to amalgamate the part of park view villas as its sub-sector of DHA Phase 8 Lahore. That did not end there, the upgradation of park view city Lahore from park view villas after pioneers were able to conquer the nearby territory. Lahore development authority also issued their approval.


When buying any plot or property, the LOCATION is the leading and essential factor one notices or takes under observation. The prime location is what makes the property/plot stand out from others.  Location is considered the breakthrough of any property: the more prime location, the more chances of the property’s prosperity. A location is a significant factor in the evaluation of property or housing societies. Park view city Lahore is very profound in the location aspects.

Park view city Lahore is located in one of the prime locations. It is spanning over an estimated area of 4 square  KM situated on Multan road. Many housing societies surround the park view city Lahore, but none of them enjoy the prime location. What makes it on the top is its accessibility to the Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange of the Lahore – Islamabad – Multan Road interchange.  Other than that, this housing society is located at a distance of only 2KM from the Lahore-Islamabad motorway.  Park view city Lahore is also accessible to gems such as Samanabad, central Lahore, and township through the GT road.  Isn’t it amazing?

Moreover, the curious prime location of this housing society also makes it approachable to the urban sectors of Lahore, particularly Bahria town Lahore, Muhafiz Town, Wapda Town, Valencia, and Faisal town. The residents of the park view city Lahore have also leveraged the Lahore International Airport.  PLUS, they did Not forget the fundamental fact that this housing society is short of other top-notch and posh housing societies like DHA, EME, and Eden Gardens. Developers aim to expand this housing society and make efforts to buy land in the vicinity.


Taking everyone’s requirements under consideration and for the betterment, park view city is continuously working to give its residents a better and luxurious lifestyle.  Currently, this housing society is offering five marlas, ten marlas, and one canal of residential properties. The fact that 75 percent of the park view city is already developed and occupied with residents makes it a terrific and profitable investment deal.  The property is being sold on a first-come and serve basis.

This is an excellent opportunity for investments if you want to invest less and get more profit. Before the fact, this housing society is giving all the amenities with an amazing and prime location. Buying property in park view city Lahore is an intelligent investment that will secure your present and future. You can book your desired property here with a 20% down payment and the rest of the price with an easy and very convenient two years of installment plan. If you do not want to burden your pocket or disturb your financial plan, an installment plan is a brilliant and suitable decision. However, if you have enough savings and can afford to buy property on full payment, you will get a 5 % discount in that scenario.


Considering people’s needs and preferences, park view city Lahore has different blocks under different names with various striking features and amenities. All blocks have other installment and payment plans, giving you the leverage to decide what’s best for you from many excellent and suitable options. What is similar in all the blocks is that they aim to provide you with the best necessities of life, ensuring that you enjoy a lavish life without missing any amenities. 

  1. Tulip block
  2. Gold block
  3. Diamond block
  4. Rose block
  5. Topaz block
  6. Orchard block
  7. Platinum block
  8. Jasmine block
  9. Jade block
  10.  Executive block
  11.  Overseas block
  12.  Tulip overseas block
  13. Pearl Block
  14. Golf Estate Block
  15. Silver Block
  16. Crystal Block
  17. Daisy Block
  18. Cherry Block

Every block offers different plot sizes, including 3.5 marlas, five marlas, six marlas, ten marlas, and one Kanal. And every block has separate payment and installment plans.  Park view city’s primary aim is to provide you with a stable payment plan that does not put a burden on your pocket.  Every block of park view city has separate quarterly and yearly installment plans, which will help you make the right decision.


The commercial area is the most integral and exciting part of any society. Shopping malls and other commercial buildings indeed attract people’s attention. Other than that, shopping malls, restaurants, and offices are essential parts of people’s lives. One can not live without basic amenities. Not only are they the source of employment and earning, but they also provide entertainment to people. Thus keeping this in mind to work in the best interest of people’s park view city Lahore is providing plots in the commercial zone.  The fields are the size of four marlas, five marlas,  eight marlas, and ten marlas. That is an excellent opportunity to invest in the commercial zone because every savvy investor knows the importance and profit of investing in the commercial building.


Providing its residents the best of facilities has always been the primary aim of the park view city Lahore.  If it were called a top-notch housing society, it would not be wrong. Always striving for development and success and being in the prime location is just the cherry on top.

The serene and clean environment has contributed five percent of the area to greenery and landscape. Because green is not only soothing to the eyes, it’s also vital for good health. Well maintained and organized society with modern architecture and a bundle of amenities is just the best scenario for anyone, and one should never miss this opportunity.

To run you through the amenities in detail, here are some facts that you should read.

Top-notch security

To feel safe and secure is no more than a privilege and everyone in this world deserves to feel that way.  To provide its residents a safe neighborhood park view, the city of Lahore has taken severe and essential commendable measures.  A high level of security systems has been provided for the residents of park view city Lahore. Cctv cameras and alarms are installed everywhere to monitor the surroundings. Moreover, the security guards have been trained to combat any dangerous situation.  Guards are posted on multiple points to avoid any inconveniences.

LDA Approval

This housing society has started its construction after every legal permission. Park view city is LDA approved and also has authorized NOC. You can invest in it without any worry and can create a beautiful future for yourself.


Education is an essential factor for the betterment of society PERIOD.

No society can grow without educating itself.  Of course, park view city would not miss this element, and for this purpose, a high standard of schools with very skilled and educated staff has been built.  The educational buildings will be made in the area of 8.8 Kanal. Nursery room and daycare will also be operated in the school.


18 Kanal of land will be used to build a hospital and health center. The hospital will be equipped with modern pieces of equipment and machinery. Hardworking and skilled doctors and nurses will be there to serve you and give you medical aid.

24/7  electricity

To provide you the best facilities so you can live a lush life. The park views housing scheme has assured you a life free of load shedding. You will not have to face.

Load shedding because it has its power plant. All the wiring has been done underground to protect it from bad weather or any calamity. Every house will have electricity 24/7.


The park views housing scheme has made the garden full of landscape and greenery to serve you the best and give you a serene and peaceful environment. Parks are filled with beautiful and rare trees and plants to enhance their beauty. Mega beautiful park of 22 Kanal is designed to build at the hub of the entire community. Small parks of 10 marlas and 2 Kanal are also located in this beautiful community.


  • Wide carpeted roads 
  • Beautiful and spacious mosque 
  • Zoo
  • Modern infrastructure 
  • High-level security 
  • Pure water supply 
  • CCTV and alarms
  • Parks 
  • Artistic housing developments 
  • Fire alarms


Park view city Lahore’s housing scheme has been brought to you by the vision group. The known owner MR Aleem, business tycoon and politician, has done many projects and is undoubtedly the best in his field. This housing scheme is LDA approved, and NOC authorized. Park view city comes with great amenities: excellent infrastructure or outstanding health and educational facilities. It covered it all.

For Booking Call/Whatsapp: 03424032746 or 03075701117.

Park View City’s Overseas Block is a renowned state of the art societal structure. It contains everything you may need. From a Cultural Center, Urban Neighborhood, Fitness Club, Jama masjid, and schools, Overseas block has it all. Since, your security is the utmost priority. So, this block is installed with surveillance cameras including a well-built barrier protection outer perimeter.

Installment Plans For Overseas Block Park View City

Installment Plans For Pearl Block Park View City

For Booking Call/Whatsapp: 03424032746 or 03075701117.

Park View City Lahore Directions – Google Map

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